Nicholas S. de Pagter-Allison, PRINCIPAL ATTORNEY

Early on I realized that the law could deeply impact a person’s life.  One could gain fortune overnight; save a family home from pollution; and redress decades of social injustice.  Solutions abound in the law and finding the right one takes partnering with the right professional.  I saw lawyers helping others cross the legal gap that often exists between the world as it is and the world as we wish to see it.

Starting a career in the rubble of financial crisis had difficult moments, but eventually, I became a commercial litigation associate at a well-established Manhattan firm.  Litigating complex contractual issues between sophisticated clients presented amazing intellectual challenges that invigorated my early career.  Though I worked hard to get my position within the firm, I realized I sought greater creativity in developing legal solutions.

Using my background in commercial litigation, I can bring the foresight of a litigator into the services I provide for my small business clients, entrepreneurs, creative professionals, performers, and artists.  Whether that is advising a young musician on the formation and governance of nonprofit, assisting an artist in navigating complexities of the studio leases or helping an entrepreneur plan succession and implement proper governance plan, I have crafted solutions for unique situations.

That’s why I started my firm, NSDPA Law, PLLC, to provide the attention and care to your specific legal challenges.  Each issue deserves the right solution, and we can help you develop a plan of action.

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